The Ukrainian Institute for the Future will present the translation of Robinson’s bestseller


On April 17 at 3:00 p.m. in the think tank Ukrainian Institute for the Future (UIF) will be held a presentation of Ken Robinson's book You, Your Child and School, translated with the assistance of UIF.


Liliya Grynevych - Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine,

Mykola Skyba - Expert of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future,

Mykhaylo Komarnytskyi - Director of the publishing house "Litopys",

Zoya Lytvyn - Founder of Public Assosiation "Osvitoriya".


Moderator of the event:

Viktor Andrusiv, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future.

The presentation will take place at the office of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future at 65 Gonchar Street (6th floor).

Admission is free by prior registration in the form:

Facebook event page.

Information about the edition

You, Your Child and School is the third book of Ken Robinson, which was published in Ukrainian by the publishing house "Litopys".

In the first of them, the School of Future, the author addressed the readers from the position of educators, in the second - emphasis was placed on the child, on the peculiarities of revealing his/her talent and potential, and the third was primarily addressed to parents.

On its pages, the author outlines important principles and gives practical advice on how to organize and direct the child's education at school or outside the school. The author destroys the multiple myths, describes different versions of modern schools and expresses his position on the controversial issues.

Parents are worried about the education of their children, especially now, when the pedagogical industry has a lot of politicking and disputes. Ken Robinson had many talks with parents on dilemmas they deal with.

"On the day when children go to school for the first time, emotions go off scale. We would like so much that they like to study, that they find true friends and feel themselves happy and inspired at school. At the same time, we are disturbing. The school leads to a whole series of new relationships. How will the children apply to teachers? Will the teachers be able to see the special talents of your children? Other parents and children - how will it be with them? Will your child jump over new social barriers or vice versa - will he/she catch on to them and fall? It is not surprising that on the day when your child first goes to school, something is squeezing in your chest. It seems that everything has changed forever. Well, so it is"- the author notes.

You, your child and school - is a handbook for parents who really want to know what kind of education their children need, how to provide them with such education, and how to prepare oneself for the changes associated with immersing the child into the learning process. The presentation will be attended by the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliya Grynevych.

Sir Ken Robinson is a world-renowned expert and public speaker on education, creative thinking and innovation, whose speech at the TED conference has over fifty million views. The book was translated by Hanna Leliv, the TED language coordinator for the translations in Ukraine.

Oleksiy Molchanovskyi is the author of the preface to the Ukrainian edition – he is a co-founder of the educational platform of Ukrainian mass online courses Prometheus.