Serhii Babak


Doctor of Technical Sciences, author of more than 60 academic works on Economics and Technical Sciences. Has 20 years of scientific and teaching experience. 5 years of working as Vice-Rector of the private university. Head of the scientific center of The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for 7 years. Member of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education of Ukraine. Master of sports in motorsports, champion of Ukraine.


Education is the fundamental basis for the successful future of the nation. Innovative, balanced and progressive. The educational system is one of the most complex elements of the state system. Reforming it should be done through very subtle and balanced intervening in the individual elements, understanding the comprehensiveness and correlation between them. The Institute for the Future is a young, ambitious and, at the same time, already influential organization that unites leading experts from all spheres. And it is a great honor and responsibility for me to head the educational direction of the Institute in order to shape discourse and vision of the development of education in Ukraine, involving the leading experts of the country in these processes.

Serhiy Babak