Viktor Plakhuta


Viktor Plakhuta, the expert on the reform and development of the defense industry and defense procurement system of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future

During his professional career, Viktor Plakhuta worked in the state and public sector, dealing with the security and defense sector, in particular, the reform and development of the military-industrial complex (incl. Ukroboronprom), state defense order, export control of international transfers of military goods, mobilized preparation of the national economy for a special period.

Victor is a consultant to the NGO Foundation for Expert Deployment for Governance and Economic Growth (within the framework of expert assistance in the implementation of the Project “Expert Deployment for Governance and Economic Growth” (“EDGE”)) and provided consulting assistance for writing the draft of the Annual national programme under the auspices of the Commission Ukraine-NATO (ANP) for 2020, and for reviewing the existing ministerial and departmental planning, monitoring and evaluation processes of the Programme, providing advice on aligning these processes with the principles of results-based management (RBM). He worked as a project manager in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, where he implemented the project “Development and implementation of new norms and standards of material support for the armed forces and other military formations” (concept development, changes in legislation, creation of new structural units of the Ministry of Defense).

He is the consultant of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defence and Intelligence.

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