Nataliya Katser-Buchkovska


Nataliya Katser-Buchkovska, Energy and Investments Advisor

Nataliya served as a Member of Ukrainian Parliament and chaired the Sustainable Development Subcommittee of the Energy, Housing, and Utilities Services Committee in 2014-2019.

With over 15 years of prior professional experience in corporate governance, investment, and energy law, Mrs. Katser-Buchkovska focused her parliamentary activity on energy security and diplomacy, liberalization of energy markets, attraction of investment, achieving sustainable development goals. Particularly, she co-authored 50 bills, of which 20 were eventually voted into laws.

Besides, Nataliya Katser-Buchkovska has represented Ukraine in the Inter-Parliamentary Union, developed parliamentary diplomacy in friendship groups with Great Britain, Lithuania, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel, Mexico, and Japan. She has also led the Inter-Parliamentary friendship group with the Netherlands.

Mrs. Katser-Buchkovska is an ardent advocate for a global-vision approach. She stresses an importance of geopolitical factor in Ukraine`s energy security, highlighting the need to develop comprehensive energy diplomacy.

The Advisor has obtained a masterʼs degree in Law and Economics at University College London (UK). She has also successfully completed a postgraduate program at Harvard Kennedy School (USA). Among Mrs. Katser-Buchkovska's other achievements are membership in the Professional Government Association of Ukraine and the Aspen Community and a scholarship from the United States Atlantic Council Millennium Fellowship program.

Finally, Nataliya is the author of numerous analytical articles on energy security, diplomacy, peacekeeping process, and post-conflict settlement. She is regularly quoted by leading international media and think tanks, such as American CNN, Voice of America, Atlantic Council, Bloomberg, BBC (UK), Financial Times, YLE (Finland), ITN, World Economic Forum and the like.