​Taras Berezovets

​Taras  Berezovets

Co-Founder of the analitical center "Ukrainian Institute for the Future", The Head of National Security Program

Ukrainian political strategist, journalist, Director of "Berta Communications", strategic and personal consulting company.

He teaches the practice of political PR and political technologies in a number of Ukrainian and European institutions. In July 2014 Taras created and headed the Kiev Urban Bureau (KUB).

After Russian annexation of Crimea he actively expressed his civic stance against the occupation. In December 2014 he launched the Free Crimea, initiative designed to inform about human rights violations in the Crimea. Since July 2015 he’s a Head of the NGO “Fund of National Strategies”. Author of the book “Political Advertising, And Creating The Image Of A Political Leader In Ukraine" (2002), author of the study “A controlled media environment. Propagandist component of counter-terrorist operation after 9/11 in the media of leading countries of the coalition” (2003, UK), a practical guide" Political consulting in Ukraine "(2005), and the book “Annexation: Island of Crimea. Hybrid War Chronicles”. Research interests: foreign policy, image-making, political advertising, and propaganda theory.

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