​Yurii Romanenko

​Yurii  Romanenko

Co-Founder of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future (UIF), head of the programme for International and Domestic Policy.

Editor-in-Chief of the analytical portal “Hvylya” (The Wave).

In 1999 he was producer and host of space bridges (TV bridges) on main Ukrainian TV channels.

2000 – head of the regional office of “Street TV”.

2001 – Assistant of People's Deputy.

2001 – Analyst at the Ukrainian Agency of Humanitarian Technologies, political analyst for Part.org.ua.

Fall 2001 – Spring 2002: Analyst and writer at the political campaign staff “For United Ukraine” (Vadim Karasev Group).

September 2002 – April 2004: Political analyst and editor of special projects at the Business Information Agency "Context".

February 2004 – November 2004: speechwriter for the Prime Minister, staff member of the Institute of European Integration and Development.

December 2004 – May 2006: Deputy Director of the Institute of Global Strategies, website editor, coordinator of external relations.

Also used to be head of internet project “Polité”.

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