"Anticorruption Account Chamber of Ukraine." Why not?


Yesterday, on the website of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine there was published an appeal to the public, bloggers, etc. (http://www.ac-rada.gov.ua/control/main/uk/publish/article/16754723) with a call for "constructivism" "openness" and "cooperation." It seems to be addressless, general message to the public, but taking into account my latest publications (https://dt.ua/macrolevel/chi-budut-rahuvatisya-z-rahunkovoyu-palatoyu-262804_.html, /resonance/3050658/rahunkova_palata_perspektiva_perezavantajennya ), it looks like this message has its own specific addressees. Therefore, I have to clarify some issues. It is visibly that articles concerning activity, or rather inactivity of this institution, are determined by the Accounting Chamber itself as "paid-for" and "unprofessional". It’s a serious accusation (!), which is obviously built on two presumptions:

1) nobody was interested in the Accounting Chamber, so it should be so now;

2) “only hens laying eggs can judge an omelet.”