Denys Monastyrskyy: To know the Constitution and be able to defend the constitutional law – two big differences


Interview with Denys Monastyrskyy for the RTI channel

What do you think about current Constitution, is it good or bad? What paragraphs need to be edited or reformed to ensure effective state reforms in the country?

Well, first of all, the Constitution needs to be fulfilled. We have to introduce the disciplines of law and the Constitution in the kindergartens, schools and so on during the life. This is the most important recommendation. Secondly, we shouldn’t adapt the Constitution to every case. Thirdly, the question that has become imminent today – changes concerning the immunity of the deputies. However, we understand that this is more political than juridical issue. Citizens are not directly disturbed by the parliamentary immunity, they only want the parliament to work properly, and be sure that the deputies do not presume their immunity.