The court pronounced only 10% of real sentences for crimes against Maidan, - the UIF study (infographics)


During the period 2013-2017 there were pronounced 49 sentences in the Maidan cases, according to official data of the Prosecutor General's Office. However, only 19 sentences are available for public access. 10% of the senteces analyzed are real, 90% are conditional.

This conclusion was reached by the experts of the Program for Reforming the Law Enforcement and Judicial Systems of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, who in November 2017 have analyzed the investigations of the Maidan cases.

"Only 1 person, in fact, is serving a sentence for crimes against members of the Revolution of Dignity," said Viktor Andrusiv, the Executive Director of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future.

The results of analysis and research of the Maidan cases will be published in the Ukrainian Institute for the Future in December 2017 on the official website