The language of war. Semiotic Studios in UIF


Attention! Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are forced to postpone our Studios "The Language of War", time and additional details will be announced later! Thank you for your interest to the topic. Thank you for understanding and see you soon!

On April 19 from 06:30 p.m. to 08:30 p.m. in the Ukrainian Institute for the Future will be held Semiotic studios on "The Language of War".


Halyna Yavorska, professor, expert of the National Institute for Strategic Studies


Andriy Zahorodskyi, communication specialist, founder of Semiotic studios

Topics for discussion:

The Language of War as a Component of Conflict

Dictionary of Hostility and Verbal Aggression

Concept of Offense - the Battle of Narratives

Discourse of the Hybrid War: the Ways of Transformation

What is "Mine – Alien” in Terms of Language

Active vs Passive Dictionary; Taboo Mechanism

Organizer: Crisis Semiotic Studios - Ukraine, Ukrainian Institute for the Future.

Partner: Group XPR

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