The Ukrainian Institute for the Future proved the importance of regulation


On May 25 at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future was held a round table on theme "Quality regulation - the guarantee of progress of the country". Experts focused on such topics as: the problem of legislative "spam" and the lack of practice of analyzing the regulatory impact of legislative initiatives that are proposed by the deputies; the status of the plan for deregulation in Ukraine, the current problems of small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine (settlement operations registrar, inspections). The Chairman of the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine Kseniia Liapina, the People's Deputies Oksana Prodan (Petro Poroshenko Bloc) and Mariia Ionova (Petro Poroshenko Bloc), the President of the National Union "National Retail Organization" Yuriy Bondariev, the Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting Igor Burakovskyi and the Head of the Secretariat of the Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Andrii Zablovskyi took part in the discussion; moderator – Taras Zagorodnii.