Interview with Anatoliy Amelin, co-founder of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future


How was the idea of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future born, and how was the Aspen seminar involved in its creation?

- It is involved already by the fact that there are five participants of Aspen seminars among the six founders of the Institute for the Future. And, perhaps, we would not have met each other and could not make agreements about cooperation if such format did not exist. We are from different regions, with different political sympathies, and in any other environment, our paths would not have crossed, we would not have even found understanding.

Experience of Aspen seminars became decisive for us. I speak not only about the experience of how to correctly, clearly express my thoughts but also about the experience of listening and hearing other people. And the most important thing – how to interact with other leaders. After all the skills that we received in the format of performances at the seminars are all about how to "negotiate", how to "weigh".