The Survey shows that the number of applicants for the humanities courses is increasing, while the demand for technical courses is rapidly declining. And there are several reasons for it.

One of the reasons is the global trends that influence indirectly. Globally the industrial development moves from the human-machine interaction to human-human interaction or machine-machine interaction, and the human acts as the architect of the system.

The general trend of the new generation is not to take everything easy and to avoid hard work. For this generation work and education are connected with fun and comfort, and when they see in the professions connected with power engineering in the list of possible future professions, nuclear energy engineering, for example, they bypass such things, perhaps not realizing why.

Another reason is the extinction of industry in Ukraine. Where did it go? Some of it is located on the occupied territories, but there are some centers of it– Kryvyi Rih, Mariupol. However, we see that young people do not rush to go there.

For example, the nuclear power industry still exists in Ukraine and there are stations that perform at a high level, but the number of applications to the relevant university departments – 230. The problems with the transparency of the hiring process are not an exception as well. And the prestige of the profession plays an important role.

The third factor is purely Ukrainian - higher education is raw material. That is, higher education is perceived more as a social good, which must be obtained.