Photo: golos-ameriki.ru

The policy of Viktor Orban might seem to be a frivolous threat of a “freak”, but it, in fact, carries serious risks for Ukraine.

First of all, Hungary is currently experiencing a serious demographic crisis. The number of country's population in 2018 is at the level of 1960, the median age is 40-44, and there are 140-146 pensioners per 100 children. According to forecasts, the state will lose another million citizens by 2050. Together with a good rate of economic growth, this leads to the fact that Budapest is in need of labour most of all.

But Hungarian politics is now under the influence of the right-wing ideology. Plus the Hungarian language and culture are very unfavourable factors for the adaptation of immigrants. Therefore, Hungary is primarily aimed at immigration of its national minorities from the territory of neighbouring states. Hence the conflict with the Ukrainian authorities over studying the Hungarian language in schools in Transcarpathia. Orban`s government is simply trying to create a favourable cultural environment for future Ukrainian workers, who will later be granted citizenship.

The full text of the report "Hungary in the context of the world order crisis" is available here.