The other day there was a rather strange event in the UK, which, at first glance, is insignificant, but has put the whole country on toes. What is meant here is a ridiculous flight of private drones over the airport "Gatwick" near London and the transport collapse caused by it. This event will become a part of history under the name "The Battle of Gatwick Airport."

This miserable, but at the same time epic and phantasmagoric, story has exposed many problems that exist in the developed world.

The main conclusion concerns the population and people. The situation showed how people are not ready for emergencies and how easily they start to panic and become completely infantile. During 15 hours when the airport was blocked with drones, people spent £ 100 million on calls to their airline companies to find out what was going on. In addition, an instant barrage of criticism of the British government and a very rapid politicization of the topic showed how the British are “driven to frenzy” in the context of Brexit and political crisis. Also, the incident clearly illustrated the extreme dependence of people on the comfort of modern services and their psychological unpreparedness to discomfort (at least in Britain), especially among young people.