Ukraine should take the following steps to start moving in the right economic direction:

  1. The Cabinet of Ministers must understand the state of the country's economy.
  2. Selecting priority areas for the development of the country to strengthen the economy.
  3. Preparing a framework for action.

Ideally, in the first three months, the country's development strategy should be designed, the priority sectors of the economy that need to be developed in the first place must be selected. In addition, our infrastructure is worn out, and the economy cannot develop without new infrastructure. Equally, the economy cannot develop if we do not work out issues in the energy infrastructure. We import energy resources worth 13 billion USD annually, which is more than a negative trade balance. Thus, the government actually has a list of priorities.

But, most importantly, we need to increase labour productivity to improve the economy. This is impossible without new sectors of the economy. That is, there are problems that can be solved, the main thing is to have desire to do it. And the new Ukrainian government will cope with them, this will mean that it works effectively.

Anatoly Amelin, director of economic programmes of the UIF