Inozemtsev, Nekrasov. To the reform of land market in Ukraine (report)


The research was carried out by order and with the support of the think tank the Ukrainian Institute for the Future.

Features of land reform in Ukraine.

It is hardly an exaggeration to say that nowhere in post-communist countries the land reform was so contradictory as in Ukraine. First of all, its fundamental difference from all the reforms carried out in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (from Bulgaria to Estonia) was the absence of the restitution issue in the agenda, within the framework of which the former owners were returned to the ownership from 23% (in Bulgaria) up to 94% (in Lithuania) of all land plots. In Ukraine, which was weakened by one of the most brutal experiments during the Soviet collectivization, the issue of broad restoration of the rights of former land owners was never raised, which left its imprint on further events, because there was not created the unconditional "reference point" that in other countries referred to the past historical experience. Therefore, the reformation of land relations began with a "clean sheet", which could not but provide it with a significant additional element of voluntarism and all-permissiveness.