Belarus: status, threats, opportunities for cooperation - Report (pdf)


Belarus for many Ukrainians is a kind of unexplored land - "terra incognita" - along the northern border. Many people, including politicians, have a set of traditional clichés that are more or less fair. Speaking about the neighboring country, they can remember the Lukashenko’s authoritarian regime, the alliance between Belarus and Russia, good roads, the quality of products, etc. Depending on political preferences, the evaluation of events may differ from the "wave of positivity" to the extreme negativity. Both are far from the truth.

In order to understand the logic of events in Belarus, we have to look at the challenges and opportunities, which have been arising in a neighboring country during 25 years of independence, in retrospect. Then many things that seem incomprehensible or absurd become quite understandable and logical, creating opportunities for a better understanding of the future.

доповідь білорусь ігар тишкевич from UIFuture