Memorandum of Founders

Assuming that Ukrainian society is experiencing a crisis of effective solutions and low competence of politicians,

Recognizing the lack of competent professional discussions in the Ukrainian society,

Being aware about absence of profound research in relevant subjects for Ukrainian society,

Realizing the lack of objective and expert information about Ukraine on the international level,

We, representatives of Ukrainian business, politics and civil society, have decided to establish an independent analytical center, Ukrainian Institute for the Future.

UIF Mission is designing of a successful future for Ukraine, through expert studies and discussions that will promote and contribute the adoption of high-quality political decisions both in Ukrainian and international politics.

UIF Values:

Modern Ukraine

UIF was created to contribute to the successful modernization of Ukraine. This value should be the basis for the entire work of organization.


UIF should be equidistant from the political parties and business. Bias in any form is unacceptable.

Balanced materials

Materials and activities produced by the UIF must be balanced and objective, according to the assessment of external independent experts.


UIF aims to offer a new quality of research to the Ukrainian society and international community.


UIF tolerates points of view that do not support and criticize its activities, and is committed to building a constructive dialogue.


UIF is open to the accession of new people who can make a meaningful contribution to its work.

Sharing value

All the studies and activities of the UIF should be available for free to the Ukrainian society and international community.